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«MirrorPlast» — a unique material that embodies the advanced technologies of the production of mirror acrylic sheet 


About product

The acrylic glass used for the production of the „MirrorPlast” product series is produced on the best in its class Omipa extrusion equipment, on raw materials manufactured in Europe (Germany)

Acrylic glass is the most transparent in comparison with other materials. The transparency of the acryl and transmission without distortion of the image and color reproduction, as well as the ability to let the light through, scattering it in the cavity of the sheet, when highlighting the ends, became its main advantage.


The mirror plexiglass „MirrorPlast” has:


High reflectivity and high gloss surface;


Water resistance, frost resistance. It is resistant to bacteria and microorganisms, therefore it can be used in baths, saunas, yachts, in the manufacture of aquariums;


Resistance to the action of UV radiation for at least 10 years;


Long service life. The material does not turn yellow and does not become brittle even after prolonged exposure to the environment, of inorganic substances, acids, alkalis, salts and their solutions;


Does not distort the image and color reproduction;


Color stability;


With the same thickness it weighs 2 times less than a normal mirror, with a density of 1.19 g / cm3;


It can be glued to any adhesive for PVC (including Cosmofen), double-sided tape;


Mirror amalgam is protected by a special film and therefore does not crumble or scratch;


Ease of processing – cutting, drilling, processing of edges, engraving, drawing pictures, pasting, as with ordinary plexiglass;


Safe to use – it is much more resistant to shocks and breaking in comparison with ordinary glass, more than 5 times. Lack of the possibility of the occurrence of chips and splinters when hit or damaged;


Wide scope of application – interior, exterior and decor elements, in the production of furniture, in the production of indoor and outdoor advertising elements, elements of commercial equipment and points of sale. Manufacturing of highly reflective products, signposts, warning road signs, exhibition displays, elements of building facades, mirror walls, ceilings, pillars, etc.


Technical description

”MirrorPlast”  – polymethyl methacrylate mirror acrylic extrusion glass (PMMA)


The production process:

The application of the mirror coating is performed using an ion-vacuum „chromirator”, the metal particles are transformed into a vapor state under the influence of high temperatures and are deposited in a vacuum environment, forming a stable mirror coating. Next, the mirror layer is protected by a wear-resistant coating, resistant to moisture, which allows the operation of this material both indoors and outdoors.



This production of mirror coatings is environmentally friendly! The production process does not harm the environment, because the coating application process lasts a few seconds, and all the evaporated metal is deposited on the inner surfaces inside the working area and immediately hardens on the surface of products in a vacuum environment.